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Twice Wrecked, Twice Salvaged


A Day in the Life - Treasure Hunting

Here is a quick video to give you an idea of what we do on the water each day we search for treasure from the 1659 Shipwreck, the San Miguel de Archangel at Jupiter Inlet.

Shipwreck Hunters get a Surprise Visit from a Manatee


New Video! SeaHunter Crew Finds 1650's Silver Coin, Again!


Video of Latest Coin Being Found


1st Trip Out This Summer Yields a Nice Silver Coin


More Coins Being found on the Jupiter Shipwreck

Welcome to the SeaHunter Captain's Log

This Blog will keep everyone informed on the discoveries made by the crew of the SeaHunter salvage vessel working the Spanish shipwreck site at Jupiter Inlet. This wreck is believed to be the San...

SeaHunter Crew in the News!

Here is a news clip featuring the SeaHunter crew and showing some of what we do. Many current videos are coming soon!

History Lesson #1 - Extremely Rare "Star of Lima" Coins Found at Jupiter Inlet


Divers Finding Coins at Jupiter Inlet

Here you can watch Scott Thomson, Mike Wakefield and Jason Nowell finding coins on the Spanish shipwreck at Jupiter Inlet believed to be the 1659 San Miguel de Archangel.

Watch the SeaHunter Crew Search for Treasure Underwater

Divers Jason Nowell and Dave Gross search the bottom for artifacts and treasure from the Spanish ship wrecked here in 1659.